We measure success in the value we deliver to our investors, business partners and employees.



Our team is continually refining our fleet with the latest in technology and innovation.



After rework, well production is estimated to increase more than 300%.



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Domestic Operations

PARET PETROLEUM LLC (P/P) is a United States oil and gas exploration company. Our goal is to drill successful oil and gas wells all over the world. Read more...

Providing Qualified Professionals

Our entire executive team has over 30 years of management expertise; in addition our geologist and petroleum engineers have over 50 years of foreign and domestic oil exploration experience.

Foreign Operations

In June, 2012, Paret Petroleum S.A. a subsidiary of Paret Petroleum LLC, a privately held US E&P company was awarded multiple strategic onshore and offshore oil & gas concessions. Read more...

Seeking Qualified Investors

Paret Petroleum LLC is seeking qualified investors, wishing to aid in fulfilling the dream of producing oil in Haiti

Managing Director

Emmanuel obtained experience in the onshore oil & gas industry by partnering with GulfStar Energy Kentucky, where he was granted and established 5 wells from a 4,000 acre oil lease agreement.

During this period he developed strong knowledge and contacts in the oil & gas exploration and seismic services fields.

He also has prior experience with Sterlin Cement SA in Haiti (Paret family owned cement distribution business which has been closed), and with hotels in the Domican Republic, Atlanta, GA, and New York. Emmanuel attended classes at Miami-Dade College, and graduated Everglades High School in Miramar, Florida.