Environment, Health, and Safety

Health & Safety

The very nature of the work we do at PARET exposes us to a variety of health and safety issues. We have developed a health and safety culture supported by a comprehensive safety program that has been implemented throughout the company. This includes all our staff - whether working in the office or outside doing fieldwork.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC, creating and maintaining a safe work environment is paramount. In addition to our ongoing health and safety program, our qualified people develop a detailed, site-specific safety plan for each project, which identifies potential hazards and provides corrective measures to prevent injury and illness. 

We believe that safety is an attitude that involves each and every one of us from the most senior-level employee to the junior-level employee. Employees attend regular health and safety orientation meetings and are provided with a detailed manual outlining safe work practices. Our Health & Safety Committee is responsible for assessing workplace hazards, recommending solutions, and identifying employee safety training needs.