Haiti Oil & Gas Exploration


Haiti Oil and Gas Exploration

In June, 2012, Paret Petroleum S.A. a subsidiary of Paret Petroleum LLC, a privately held US E&P company was awarded multiple strategic onshore and offshore oil & gas concessions. The permits totalling 7,718 sq. km were issued by the Haitian government, which also maintained a 30% net revenue sharing interest. Paret Petroleum LLC understands the deeper implications of participating in a venture that has eluded many of its predecessors, and at this time is seeking qualified investors, wishing to aid in fulfilling the dream of producing oil in Haiti.


The 2010 earthquake, ironically added tremendous political stability. A large visible and persistent US and UN presence has greatly accelerated earthquake re-building and energized development beyond the damaged fault zone. Mineral exploitation is one area which the Haitian government has emphasized. Two such examples would be gold and oil. Although it has been known about for centuries, a substantial gold venture was recently announced. With deep family roots in Haiti, American born Paret Petroleum LLC CEO Emmanuel Paret, foresaw the potential for oil exploration and navigated the complex Haitian bureaucracy, to negotiate favourable rates, and obtain relationships with key governmental officials.


Like Haiti’s gold history, geologic analysis in Haiti has been ongoing for over a century, beginning with an extensive USGS study. Despite encouraging surface indicators, there have been only 11 wells drilled (on and offshore), several with notable shows. A flurry of seismic exploration in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was squelched when political instability soured further investment, before the numerous, newly imaged structures could be tested with a drill bit.


There are an abundance of diverse opportunities associated with these concessions. The offshore blocks include both shallow and deeper water options with positions along several major fault zones. The same is true for the land, known, anticlines, faults, seeps, and pinch outs all provide immediate opportunities for drilling.


Additionally, the agreement gives Paret Petroleum LLC preferred status on developing mining operations encompassed by the secured concessions. Gold, bauxite, copper, and lignite deposits are well documented within these boundaries.