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Our community investment in the drilling is wide-ranging, supporting corporate values and priorities of safety, education, health, youth and cultural preservation. Going forward, our community investment will continue to be strategic and grounded in community and regional needs. It will be focused on making a difference for the generations ahead. This will be an area of more specific reporting in future reports.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC is in process investing over millions dollars in Oil and Gas exploration and drilling blocks leases in the republic of Yemen, our partner Extra Petroleum office located in Sana’a Hadda Yemen is in charge of co-operating with government of Yemen on behalf Paret Petroleum llc to win leasing blocks available in Republic of Yemen.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC is looking to invest and drill for water and to help Yemen communities for better access to clean water drinking and farming.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC, a privately held US E&P company was awarded multiple strategic onshore and offshore oil & gas concessions.Paret Petroleum understands the deeper implications of participating in a venture that has eluded many of its predecessors, and at this time is seeking qualified investors, wishing to aid in fulfilling the dream of producing oil in Haiti.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC provides oil and gas investment participation through its "undivided fractional working interest programs" which enable investors to participate in the potential cash flow and unique tax benefits associated with oil and gas investments.

Especially important in today's troubled economy, oil and gas investments allow investors to diversify and reinforce their portfolios with a commodity that is in steady demand. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us directly for open discussion.