Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels

Paret Petroleum LLC (P.P.) will grow the Jatropha plant in Haiti,What is Jatropha?

curcus is a drought-resistant perennial, growing well in marginal/poor soil. It is easy to establish, grows relatively quickly and lives, producing seeds for 50 years.

JATROPHA Haiti1Jatropha the wonder plant produces seeds with an oil content of 30%-40%. The oil can be combusted as fuel without being refined. It burns with clear smoke-free flame, tested successfully as fuel for simple diesel engine. The by-products are press cake a good organic fertilizer, oil contains also insecticide.

This crop will be apart of Paret Petroleum's initiative to implement a renewable energy source and green-zone out side the areas which P.P. will be drilling for oil & natural gas. P.P.'s land position in Haiti is roughly 1.7 million acres. P.P. Will section off 250,000 acres to start the Jatropha Plantation, this should give Paret an estimated 70 million gallons of fuel a year. Eventually P.P. hopes to double this position. The Agriculture business has two major overheads which is land and labor both of which Paret Petroleum has an abundance of in Haiti. Haiti's most popular fuel is diesel gasoline, with the production of bio fuel at a competitive price our position in the market will dominate other providers or brokers. Paret is seeking a strategic partner who can provide working capital and experience into the bio fuel business, as the rainy season in Haiti begins in (late April - early May) the best time for planting crops is in the middle of April which will enable Paret to turn a profit in the first quarter of 2015. P.P.'s goal is to close with a strategic partner with the next 30-45 days.

Paret Petroleum Haiti Concessions

Each Concession is about 500 sq kilometers, the shaded green zones is the acreage which Paret has sectioned off for the Jatropha Plantations.




Picture of Shaded Green Concession






Transaction Highlights

  • 250,000 acres of Land
  • Affordable labor
  • Tropical climate
  • Large market to sell bio products
  • Favorable tax incentives
  • Principles have long history of doing business in Haiti
  • Principals have close relationship with government
  • Perfect Bio crop for Haiti