PARET PETROLEUM LLC is a growing offshore and onshore drilling company that provides global ultra-deep-water drilling services to the oil and natural gas industry through the use of high-specification drill ships. Throughout our development, PARET has remained dedicated to becoming the preferred ultra-deep-water drilling contractor. We are committed to customer service and operating with the utmost integrity and focus on safety.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC business scope covers various processes of petroleum engineering and technical services ranging from drilling and logging to energy development.

Drilling in various surface & underground conditions:

Onshore, Tidal and shallow water regions, Mountainous and hilly areas Desert, Marshland, Rain forests, High temperature, High pressure strata, Low pressure strata, Gyp and salt layers, Highly acidic gas strata, Complicated strata with severe mud loss and caving.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC experienced, hands-on crews operating our purpose-built, industry-leading rigs with complete control over the direction of the drill bit. We have everything from balancing straps and float valves to centrifuge decanters and complete mud systems. We also carry blowout preventers, roller chain, stand pipe, sucker rod couplings, swaging tools, rotary slips, tong dies, and much more.