Montana Bakken 20,000 acres Leasehold 4 years remaining on lease

Paret acquired this acreage on may of 2013 from the Gentry Group , Paret holds 83% interest on the entire 20,000 acres. Work program and commitments made require Paret to commence the drilling of a well within 12 months with ($100,000) to be deposited as a security before drilling begins as bond for accidental occurrences.

Texas Eagleford 52,000 acres +/- Leasehold 5yrs remaining on option

Paret Petroleum Partnered with Couch oil & gas in 2012 to lease and explore acreage in the Eagle Ford Shale, In 2013 Paret & Couch acquired a option on 52,000 acres in the Eagle Ford shale. The commitment on the option requires Paret and Couch to deposit ($200,000) as security to the Landowner and to commence the drilling of a well within 90 days after the deposit. Paret holds a 43.75% interest in the field and Couch holds a 43.75% interest in the field. Both Partners are willing to give up majority interest in the field to secure funding for exploration

Kentucky 7,000 acre Leasehold 2 year lease renewable 2 years

Paret Petroleum partnered with Dinoco Oil & Gas in January 2014 to lease and explore the Marcellaus, Black shale and Chattanooga formations in Kentucky. On this Acreage Paret holds 83% Working interest. Commitments require Paret to drill the first well within 11 months, but terms can be extended.

Kentucky 4,000 acre Leasehold-Paret/Gulfstar 2 year lease can be renewed for 2yrs

Paret partnered with Gulfstar Energy in 2010 and was granted a 4,000 acre lease agreement, Paret holds a 80% Interest in the field, this field has proven reserves of 60+ million barrels over 50 million barrels undiscovered. The field has 21 shallow wells drilled by Gulfstar Energy, Parets commitment is to deposit ($25,000) for accidental occurrences. The work program committed by Paret is to drill wells deeper then 2,500 ft within 120 days of the security deposit being made.

Kentucky 26,000 acre Leasehold 2 year lease renewable

Paret partnered with Navatis Land an minerals in 2014 to explore and lease land in the Black shale, Chattanooga, and Marcellaus formations in Kentucky. Paret and Navatis are willing to give up majority control of the field to secure financing for Exploration.

Haiti 7,718 sq km onshore offshore OIL & GAS Concessions 5 years remaing on leases

Paret Petroleum S.A. A a wholly owned subsidiary of Paret Petroleum LLC and Caribbean General Trading S.A. was awarded in 2012 by the Haitian Government 7 onshore blocks each 500 sqkm in size and 8 offshore blocks each 500 sq km in size. Paret holds 50% interest in the blocks and Carribbean owns 50% interest in the blocks. Paret Petroleum in 2013 completed a Nuclear Magnatic Resonance satellite survey on the entire country of Haiti, Reserves are estimated at 3.7 billion barrels and 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Commitments made to the government of Haiti has been to drill the first well to test the survey Paret has completed.