PARET PETROLEUM LLC provides 2D and 3D land, marine, and depth seismic data processing for domestic and international markets. We have the resources, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology to process today’s large, structurally complex data volumes. To improve the quality of our service and to better serve our customers, we continually invest in the development of our own proprietary software and tools.

Our mission is to develop advanced seismic technologies that provide the clearest seismic images and deliver the end result with the utmost speed, efficiency, and HSE sensitivity.Our Reservoir Services team provides services that enable E&P companies to better appraise and develop reservoirs and increase production.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC hires only those people with a positive, safety-minded attitude. All employees are responsible and accountable for safety, and our safety attitude is reflected at every job site. We are a leader in integrating geophysical, geological, petro physical, and rock physics information to identify lithology, fluid, or fracture intensity within hydrocarbon reservoirs.             

PARET PETROLEUM LLC Services provide total project management with expertise to lie out, cut, and survey source and receiver lines, and perform seismic drilling.  Our techniques maximize efficiencies and minimize environmental impact.  From planning to equipment utilization, our experienced professionals deliver quality service – on time and on budget.

Under the direction of our experienced Land and Seismic Managers, our seismic support team, have the knowledge and man-power to supply services necessary to complete your project Permit Application, Surface and Mineral, Private, Corporate, Government,environmental/Regulatory compliance, Operational Liaison ◦communication of permit info, field guide for crews, on site landowner resolution, Damage Claim Settlement and Negotiations, Ground Motion Monitoring