PARET PETROLEUM LLC provides high quality service from start to finish on all projects.  If an existing well is not performing to capacity or has gone dry, water well revitalization could be a cost effective solution to restore the water well.

Rural residents generally have a limited choice for reliable running water: dug wells, drilled wells or sourcing from lakes and rivers. All methods have to be tested for water quality but generally a properly drilled well is the safest and most reliable.

Well water passes through these cracks, moving downhill. Some cracks are deeper than others. This explains the varying well depths and the volume of water each well produces. These variations demand professional installation techniques. Pump sizing, water demand and seasonal use are factors to be considered. We drill affordable SMALL and LARGE diameter water wells. Test holes, Drill shallow wells, Drill deep wells, Small diameter wells, Large diameter wells, Equipped for electronic logging,Develop the well from start to finish,24+ hour pump test, Drill using a fluid recycling system (which cuts down on the sand and silt cycling back into the aquifer), Install casing, Install pump, Hose, Surface cribbing, Water treatment.

PARET PETROLEUM LLC is looking forward to work in East Africa, Yemen and Haiti. This will allowed us to establish good business opportunity and humanitarian, helping kids to have access to clean water.

In addition to drilling for hydrocarbons Paret Petroleum LLC will locate and exploit fresh water thousands of feet beneath the surface of Haiti.  Clean fresh water will save 2,000 lives a week.  Also fresh water will encourage agriculture, as well as fresh water rivers and springs filled with cultivated fresh water fish.